Powerbase operates and specialises in numerous sectors throughout the construction industry. We have a varied portfolio, spanning from private sector works, including office refurbishment and high-end residential projects, to public sector works, such as hospitals, heritage buildings, and school building installations. We believe this varying degree of experience in a multitude of fields will give us the means to deal with any challenge that could arise from a given task.

Commercial and Industrial

As a London based company, Powerbase has been a key part of numerous jobs in the Commercial and Industrial sector that have arisen from the expanding growth of this vibrant and active trading hub.

We have been involved in a variety of commercial works that have included the design and installation of lighting and small power services to the editor’s hallway at Northcliffe House, as well as the replacement of roof mounted chillers at the landmark Capital House building. Powerbase has also had the opportunity to be a key part of several industrial projects over the years. One example of a project Powerbase has undertaken was the infrastructure upgrades and replacements that were needed for a digital printing room at DST output, which included the design and installation of new air conditioning, ventilation, humidification and BMS control systems.


At Powerbase, we believe that jobs in the health sector are some of the most important a business can undertake, in part due to the societal contribution a business can make in the form of improved healthcare resources for the public. This has led Powerbase to partly specialise in work involved in the health sector and has meant we’ve been a part of a diverse range of health sector work including projects at hospitals, medical centres and special care units.

A variety of healthcare work has been carried out by Powerbase which has included the design, coordination and installation of mechanical and electrical services to an ophthalmology department, the refurbishment of an old ward into a new specialist unit for patients living with respiratory problems, and the upgrade and refurbishment of several wards and departments including the pathology laboratory and consultation rooms at St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

High-End Residential

Powerbase has worked on several differing high-end residential projects over the years that have involved the installation of both Electrical and Mechanical services to newly refurbished residential apartments.

Some examples of the installation work that has been carried out have included lighting, small power, and access control installation as well as electrical distribution and containment. All work was needed to be carried out whilst other operations remained in full use, such as the ground floor restaurant of 18 Old Compton Street.


Powerbase has had the opportunity to work on an important education project at an independent music and dramatic arts school, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The Guildhall school is the only major European conservatoire that is both a music and a drama school as well as involving itself in technical theatre, professional development and music therapy.

The project involved the rewiring and replacement of existing luminaires and emergency luminaires as well as the replacement of all small power accessories to several areas on the Lower Ground Floor, Second Floor, and Recital Theatre. These works were required to be carried out whilst the rest of the school remained in full operation.

Heritage buildings

Powerbase are proud to have been the principal contractor required for the replacement of the existing lighting for a significant cultural heritage site. We were employed by the City of London Corporation for the electrical renovation of the East and West Crypts of The Guildhall. The East Crypt is the oldest part of Guildhall which dates back to Edward the Confessor (1042) and is considered by many to be one of the earliest and finest examples of its kind in England.

The existing 11th-century crypts required new energy efficient LED luminaires as well as the provision of an emergency lighting system, whilst making sure that the crypts maintained the appearance of being untouched. The Crypts are now a popular location for corporate events and functions as well as an attractive tourist spot for history enthusiasts.