Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, New Jack Emerson Ventilator Centre

Summary of Project

The RHN Old Day Ward was refurbished into a new specialist unit, the Jack Emerson Centre, a state-of-the-art centre for patients living with ventilator support. The centre was named after a great innovator and improver of the ‘iron lung’, a device which has dramatically improved the quality of care for people living with respiratory problems.

The project involved the removal of existing electrical installations and the installation of all the new mechanical and electrical services needed for the new ward. This included ventilation, medical gases, air conditioning, domestic water services, drainage, sub main distribution, lighting and small power services. A complete  testing and commissioning of all various electrical systems and service installations was also needed, as well as a demonstration and training of these systems to the client and their appointed representatives.

Scope of Works

Electrical Services

  • Removal of existing electrical installations that were made redundant by these works
  • Adaptation and extension of existing electrical and ancillary services that affected the proposed works
  • Electrical sub main distribution to distribution boards and switchgear
  • Electrical distribution and UPS system associated with patient ventilator units
  • Containment for electrical and ancillary services installations
  • Internal lighting installations and associated lighting control systems
  • Emergency lighting installation
  • Provision of small power, patient television, and access control systems
  • Voice and data system installation, including outlets, patch panels and wiring
  • Labelling of the complete installation and all equipment
  • Supplies to mechanical services equipment and control panels
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Electrical under floor heating mat installation to assisted bathrooms including associated controls

Mechanical Services

  • The provision of ventilation, heating, domestic services and above ground drainage to the new ventilator
  • Removal and renewal of existing mechanical services. The services within the area that continued to supply wards and facilities on upper floors were generally retained
  • Heating to new radiators are extended from the existing retained circuits
  • Domestic hot and cold services are also supplied from these retained circuits
  • The existing supply air plant unit serving the area was utilised to meet the new requirements, with new ductwork installed to suit the revised rooms function and layout
  • New extract fans served various rooms throughout the department
  • Above ground drainage was connected to existing stacks that drop through the area. These connect into the underground network at the base of the building

Site Address: Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, West Hill, Putney, London, SW15 3SW

Programme: 18 Weeks

Client:  The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Principal Contractor:  Firmco Ltd

Consultant:  Crofton Design

Architect:  Cowan Architects Ltd

Project Value:  £320,000